Interactive weekly classes geared toward beginners, practitioners, and all those interested in learning more about Zen.


To be Announced soon


7:00-8:30 pm


Sydney Musai Walter Roshi
David Daishin Brighton Sensei


$35 for 4 classes
$10 per class



David Daishin Brighton


Sydney Musai Walter



Visit Prajna Zendo

Visitors are welcome. Prajna Zendo’s regular schedule is posted in the calendar under “Schedule”. Meditate or chant with us for an evening or at the Sunday service. Listen to a dharma talk.

Want instruction in Zen meditation?

Zen is but one of many meditation practices. If you are interested in instruction, no matter your experience or level of practice, please ask anyone at Prajna Zendo. A senior student will be happy to give instruction or answer any other questions you may have.

Participating in zazen (sitting meditation)

You are welcome to join in silent sitting and walking meditation during zazen on Tuesday nights, Sunday mornings or during sesshins (retreats). You can watch and follow others’ actions in the meditation hall and/or ask for instruction on meditation or other procedures. We spend periods of 30-minute sitting and 10-minute walking, in silence, and with hands placed in specific gestures designed to help mindfulness. You can also wait out a period downstairs and return for a dharma talk or chanting. Please don’t be shy about asking someone for help.

Meet the Sangha

Prajna Zendo has a relaxed atmosphere. A great way to meet sangha (community) members is at the tea-n-cookies or potluck after the Sunday program. Stay a bit and mingle. You will find us a welcoming lot.

Interested in an interview with a teacher?

Prajna Zendo is quite fortunate to have two highly accessible Zen teachers. We have a sign up board for interviews. If you wish to talk to a teacher during zazen periods, ask and someone will help you about signing up and general interview etiquette. Ongoing or regular interviews with teachers, including for koan study, are available for members.

To Become a Member

Members have many benefits, as you will find under “Membership”. If you would like to support Prajna Zendo through your membership, your active participation in our activities, and any or all other donations of time, effort or financial support, you are most welcome. We are small. We need all the support you are able to share. Talk with any sangha member or teacher about this and someone will answer your questions about becoming a member or supporter.

For more information and to register: